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  • Saving For Children

    I was a guest on Shared Radio’s Women and Money Programme recently, talking about saving for children so I looked at the various ways we have helped our clients save for their children and grandchildren.
    Published: Fri 2nd October 2015

  • Where Is Our Leadership?

    Given so much coverage of bad news day in, day out, there is a tendency to become somewhat immune to seeing pictures of destruction and chaos but the recent image of a little boy on a beach shattered that compliancy for me and a lot of others.
    Published: Fri 11th September 2015

  • CrowdFunding - A Fad Or The Future?

    Something quite remarkable is going on in the world of finance; it is the disintermediation of traditional financial services providers. The internet is revolutionising the way in which consumers access traditional financial services. Crowdfunding is one such area where the middle man (the bank) is being replaced by internet based...
    Published: Thu 3rd September 2015

Recent Articles

  • Lower Rate Of Inheritance Tax Has Slow Start

    Latest statistics from HMRC show that the number of estates where 10% or more of the net chargeable estate passes to charity is low compared to the number of estates chargeable to inheritance tax!
    Published: Thu 1st October 2015

  • Anna Sofat Tops The Female IFA Table!

    This article was published on the 18th September on by Myron Jobson:
    Published: Wed 23rd September 2015

  • Overpayment And Underpayment Of Tax On Pension Income

    With the introduction of pension flexibility, there is now a greater likelihood that you might have either overpaid or underpaid income tax as a result of taking ad hoc payments from your pensions. HMRC has recently published advice on what to do if an individual has underpaid or overpaid income...
    Published: Fri 18th September 2015