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  • Top Financial Planning Tips for 2016.

    Getting to grips with your financial affairs at the start of a New Year is always a good idea, and it will not only help you to save money in the coming months, you should also find you are better placed to make money from your investments.
    Published: Fri 15th January 2016

  • Saving For Children

    I was a guest on Shared Radio’s Women and Money Programme recently, talking about saving for children so I looked at the various ways we have helped our clients save for their children and grandchildren.
    Published: Fri 2nd October 2015

  • Where Is Our Leadership?

    Given so much coverage of bad news day in, day out, there is a tendency to become somewhat immune to seeing pictures of destruction and chaos but the recent image of a little boy on a beach shattered that compliancy for me and a lot of others.
    Published: Fri 11th September 2015

Recent Articles

  • Addidi Newsletter - Expected Returns

    All investors know that risk and return are related – taking on more (sensible) risk should provide higher returns, over time. Yet there are no guarantees. Advisers will often talk about target or expected returns from portfolios needed to deliver the financial goals of the client. Where do they come...
    Published: Fri 15th January 2016

  • Addidi Newsletter - Smoke, Mirrors & The True Cost Of Investing

    In this day and age, price comparisons are quite easy to make, particularly when it comes to buying tangible goods, as the internet provides great transparency. When it comes to investing, gaining meaningful insight into the real costs incurred is extremely hard and approximate. We have a go using...
    Published: Fri 13th November 2015

  • Lower Rate Of Inheritance Tax Has Slow Start

    Latest statistics from HMRC show that the number of estates where 10% or more of the net chargeable estate passes to charity is low compared to the number of estates chargeable to inheritance tax!
    Published: Thu 1st October 2015