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Addidi Enterprise

Addidi Enterprise

Connecting enterprising women with small business

Addidi Enterprise is a women only Club which connects enterprising women with small business. It has been designed to drive a step change in the space of female entrepreneurship.

Research shows that the economy needs more female entrepreneurs and philanthropists; female businesses need more funding and businesses in general need more women on boards.

Addidi Enterprise enables women to:

  • engage with small business and philanthropic projects as angel investors, NEDs (non executive directors) and mentors,
  • invest their money in businesses and projects which resonate with them.   

In addition, Addidi Enterprise is about setting new standards of business behaviours. It believes that having more women involved in business is good for the business and the economy. Women bring a more cooperative, caring and a less sales focused culture; this is “good” for the bottom line. This is a view which is increasingly being backed by research!

It is a holistic approach that doesn’t just undertake the standard financial due diligence you’d expect when considering an investment opportunity, but which evaluates businesses against a set of values and principles that firmly reflect Addidi’s own.  

Come and join us in creating a space which feeds your soul, where you can be inspired and, in the process, inspire others.