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Business Angel Funding

Addidi Angels provides business angel funding for start ups and growth businesses. Addidi Angels was the first female only business angel club and since 2009, it has invested over £1m in a number of businesses. The investee businesses are (in order of investment):

Whilst the Club membership remains women only, the businesses we fund are not gender or sector biased. Our main criteria are:

Whilst there are no restriction on the type or sector for a business seeking investment but it must be prepared to demonstrate that

  1. Its products and business practices do not have the potential to harm the environment.
  2. It undertakes due diligence on its suppliers and has ethical standards on:
    • employment of child labour and
    • minimum wage in the UK.
  3. It has a robust board governance structure with at least 1 female board member or will aspire to that as it grows.

We love engaging with entrepreneurs and their vision for their businesses.

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