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Addidi Enterprise

Addidi Enterprise Club

Designed for female entrepreneurs, investors, executives and women in general, Addidi Enterprise allows women to leverage their wealth, talent and time to accelerate female investment and talent into small businesses and social projects for mutual benefit.

Addidi Enterprise enables its female members to:

  • Meet pre-screened, investment ready businesses and social enterprises for the purpose of investing (collectively or individually) as angel investors via Addidi Angels.
  • Gain practical experience of boards by serving on investee businesses as non-executives and board observers through Addidi Angels.
  • Meet, support or engage with pioneering social “not for profit” projects – Addidi Pioneers.
  • Develop a portfolio career by being promoted via the Addidi Talent Register for non-executive, advisory and mentors roles with small, growth businesses.

More specifically, it enables individual members to invest in:

Addidi Enterprise also provides an outlet for a bit of “me” time to enjoy your hard earned wealth through learning, giving back and by forming new relationships.

In our experience, like minded women naturally leverage their connections and knowledge to help each other. It is hoped that they would also encourage, mentor and provide role models for women in general to set up and grow their businesses.

As a subscription or guest member, you can become part of the Addidi Enterprise Club as an angel investor, philanthropist, non-executive director or mentor.

Come and join us in creating a space which feeds your soul, where you can be inspired and in the process, inspire others!