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Addidi Angels is a female angel investment club investing in start ups and small growth businesses.

It was originally set up to encourage more women to become business angels and it was the first female only angel group. Today, its purpose is to provide a format that appeals to female angel investors and also provides practical experience of Boards.    

Addidi Angels provides a collaborative space where women can share their financial resources, experience and know-how to invest in small growth businesses or social enterprises that resonate with them.

If you would like to know more about Angel investing then please contact us here.

Addidi Angels enable its members to:

  • Access business opportunities which might be beyond them as individual investors.
  • Invest in a portfolio of businesses thus spreading their risk.
  • Benefit from the pool of members skill and know how.
  • Gain practical experience of boards and non-executive roles though  involvement in investee businesses.
  • Reduce workload associated with initial vetting of business proposals and ongoing monitoring of investee companies.
  • Network and work with like minded women.
  • Learn and grow as individuals.

To date, a total of 3 angel groups have invested over £1 million in 9 businesses.

The investee businesses are (in order of investment):

It has been rewarding, educational, fun and an inspirational journey to date – as members, we have engaged with the vision of the entrepreneurs and shared their business journeys.