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Addidi Pioneers is a philanthropic club investing in pioneering projects addressing some of the key problems in our community.

Its members are a group of like-minded individuals who want to make a difference by using a proportion of their wealth to invest in sustainable, not for profit projects. These provide a social and a personal return. 

By coming together in a social investment club, Addidi Pioneers hope to leverage the collective resources of members (wealth, talent and time) to make a bigger impact with our combined philanthropic endeavors than we could individually.

We want to add value in our members’ lives by investing in projects that feed their soul.

Addidi Pioneers invest in or make sustainable grants to projects / enterprises that meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • The organisation should have a charitable purpose and it should transform individual lives or add value in the community.
  • The organisation should make a difference to the lives of the people involved by providing skills or competencies that could be used by them to become self sufficient.
  • The organisation may need financial help initially but its aim should be to attain self sufficiency in the medium term (3-7 years). 

To date, Addidi Pioneers have invested over £100k in 10 projects and a social enterprise. These include:

  • Enabling Enterprise
  • Hackney Pirates
  • FoodCycle
  • Spear
  • Working Chance
  • Women's Budget Group
  • Just for Kids Law
  • Renaissance Foundation
  • Tender
  • XLP through Bread Tin

It's been an incredibly inspiring and heart warming journey to date. 

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