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Addidi Talent harnesses female talent for non-executive (NEDs) and mentoring roles for small businesses and social enterprises.

Over the past few years, there have been an increasing number of women looking to:

  1. Build a portfolio career of non-executive roles for themselves;  
  2. Utilise their skill set to develop interests outside of their core profession.

Addidi wants to encourage these women to become involved with small business as investors, mentors and non-executives. Addidi Talent will promote and develop female talent by:

  1. providing a practical, hands on experience en route to developing non-executive skills for its members;
  2. filling any gaps in non-executive knowledge and competency through training and one to one mentoring; 
  3. creating and promoting the first “register” of female talent;

Addidi Talent membership is available only to subscription and guest members of Addidi Enterprise and female clients of Addidi Wealth.