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Addidi Enterprise


Addidi Enterprise is a collaborative club for enterprising women. Designed for female entrepreneurs, investors and executives, it enables members to leverage their wealth, talent and time to accelerate female investment and talent into small businesses and social projects for mutual benefit.

The purpose of Addidi Enterprise is to create a space where female entrepreneurs, investors and executives can leverage their wealth, talent and connections to accelerate female investment and talent into small businesses for mutual benefit. 

Addidi Enterprise members will be able to use their skills, experience and financial resources to help small business and social enterprise to:

  1. grow through investment
  2. be a success by building robust and diverse boards  
  3. be inspired by role models   

In addition, the members will naturally leverage their connections and knowledge to help each other achieve their personal objectives in this space.   

Individual women:

In particular, female entrepreneurs, executives or female investors. 

Women looking to:

  • invest in their community
  • develop a diversified portfolio of investment in small business
  • develop a non-executive or small business mentor career
  • extend their knowledge and experience of small business.

Women who want to be a part of a diverse but like minded female group.

Small business and social enterprises  

Small Enterprises looking for:

  • Investment
  • female non-executive talent.

Female start ups looking for mentors.

Business looking to connect with a group of influential women. 

It will be a members only club. Membership incorporates:

Subscription members have to commit:

  • £20,000 into Addidi Angels for investment into small businesses
  • £2,500 into Addidi Pioneers for social projects and social enterprises

Membership fee is £1000 plus VAT per annum.

Guest membership is also available without a commitment to Addidi Angels or Addidi Pioneers.

Members can apply or be recommended to join. All applications will be screened against membership criteria and eligibility.   

Members will have the opportunity to:

  1. regularly meet pre-screened, investment ready business and social enterprises for the purpose of  investing (collectively or individually)  as angels
  2. serve on investee businesses as non-executives
  3. meet, support or engage with pioneering social enterprises and not for profit projects
  4. be included in the Talent Pool for non-executive or mentor roles in the small business and social enterprise space

Promoting sustainable business values

By doing business in a way which promotes governance and sustainability, we hope to set new standards of behaviour in business. In particular, we want to promote the following principles:

  1. The board principle
    • a robust & diverse board
    • high standards of governance and reporting
    • independence of NEDs (non executive directors).

  2. The equitable principle 
    • Balance stakeholder interests i.e. shareholders, staff, customers so that no one group is benefiting excessively at the expense of another
    • payment of a living wage

  3. The partners principle
    • Screening process for suppliers & partners – internally & externally
    • Capacity for harm:
      • Labour practices
      • Environmental Impact
      • Impact on the community

  4. The people principle
    • Internal barometer for how the company treats its own people
      • Family-friendly workplace
      • Investment in Training and development
      • Open and fair Complaints procedures

It’s not a matter of whether there is current demand. The reality is that as women’s wealth grows, more women need to use their financial and personal resources, to set up businesses as well as invest in and participate in the growth of small businesses.

Addidi Enterprise will facilitate this.

In return, we will encourage small businesses to adopt the best practice of governance and board management. Within this, women have a key role to play as more and more research shows that having a diverse board and senior management with female participation is financially good for businesses.  

It’s the natural progression for Addidi Wealth, Addidi Angels and Addidi Pioneers.

As a female led and focused business, it’s also important that we develop a space where women can use their wealth and talent to connect with and invest in small businesses as well as social projects that resonate with them.

On a personal basis, growing my wealth for material gains has never appealed but growing it to help others, to invest back in my community and to use my skills to help other businesses feeds my soul. I know many other women, within and outside of Addidi community, who have the same ethos.