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Addidi Enterprise

Investment Principles

Promoting sustainable business values

If you are women looking to join Addidi Enterprise or an investee business looking for funding, you should know that our approach to investment is truly unique; we do not just undertake the standard financial due diligence you’d expect when considering an investment opportunity, but we evaluate each business proposal against a set of values and principles.  

1. The board principle

  • a robust & diverse board
  • high standards of governance and reporting
  • independence of NEDs (non executive directors).

2. The equitable principle 

  • Balance stakeholder interests i.e. shareholders, staff, customers so that no one group is benefitting excessively at the expense of another
  • payment of a living wage

3. The partners principle

  • Screening process for suppliers & partners – internally & externally
  • Capacity for harm:
    • Labour practices
    • Environmental Impact
    • Impact on the community

4. The people principle

  • Internal barometer for how the company treats its own people
    • Family-friendly workplace
    • Investment in Training and development
    • Open and fair Complaints procedures

By doing business in a way which promotes value based governance and sustainability, we hope to set new standards of behaviour in business. Come and feel the difference yourself.