Addidi … for a richer life

Addidi Wealth


Addidi is a financial services boutique and we help our clients to manage their wealth so they can live a richer life.

Our role as wealth managers encompasses:

  1. Investing their wealth through the construction of robust portfolios and the on-going management of these portfolios.
  2. Helping them take care of their day to day finances and paperwork through the Financial Concierge service.

Addidi puts the emphasis on lifestyle wealth, not merely as a series of abstract numbers, but utilising wealth as a potential for happiness and inspiration.

As such, we are not interested in emulating the rest of the financial services industry, we are forging our own path. On the ground, it means that we focus on adding value to all our relationships and doing business in line with our core values of mutuality, inclusiveness, inspiring and nurturing.