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Client Review Meeting

On-going monitoring through regular reviews is essential for ensuring that our clients stay focused and their Financial Plan and Investments stay on course.

Our Client reviews are held at least annually and incorporate:

  1. Any changes in clients circumstances;
  2. Reconfirmation of their goals and objectives; 
  3. Analysis of:
    • how our clients are progressing against their broader wealth plan;
    • how the investment portfolio is doing both against expectations and against the plan;
  4. Recommendation for:
    • any re-balancing of the investment portfolio;
    • any adjustment to the Wealth Plan and clients objectives.     

Once you have subscribed to the review service, you can leave the rest to us. We take the ownership of making sure the reviews take place on time, provide recommendations for any adjustments to the Wealth Plan and undertake all the work necessary to make things happen!