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Financial Concierge - Didi at Addidi

As we’re aware of just how increasingly difficult it seems to be to manage the day-to-day minutiae of our personal lives with the same discipline and rigor with which we manage our professional lives, we’ve introduced a Financial Concierge service called Didi at Addidi.

So all those things you know you should do, but very often don’t want to, or simply don’t have the time to do, you can simply hand over to Didi knowing they will be done.

Didi offers a bespoke service and each year, she will for example ensure that:

  • Your tax returns are completed on time and painlessly
  • You are not paying too much for your utilities
  • You have the right domestic insurances in place (and you are not paying too much for them!)
  • Your buy to let property is taken care of
  • Your paperwork is in good order.    

Addidi is fairly confident that our Didi can accommodate almost any financial task you may require. And even if she herself can’t, she almost certainly knows someone who can.

Why Didi?

One of the reasons the Financial Concierge service is called Didi (and one of the reasons why we chose the name Addidi) is that, in Hindi, a Didi is an older sister. We like to think that Didi is the kind of older sister who looks out for and looks after her younger sisters (although we appreciate this may not always have been the case, especially through those difficult teenage years, particularly if you were the kind of younger sister always borrowing her ra-ra skirt and leg warmers without asking!)

However, today at Addidi, she’s the perfect older sister, dedicated to taking care of your financial life, so you can focus on living it. 

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