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As a trusted wealth adviser providing wealth planning and investment management services to individuals, we take our responsibilities very seriously. We have designed an investment proposition that lives up to these responsibilities. It is an independent, whole of market approach.

Our investment philosophy and process guide our decision-making in a number of key areas as we seek to ultimately select best-in-class investment products to implement portfolio strategy for our clients.

  • A philosophy based on sound evidence and theory
  • A risk-focused approach to investing your assets
  • Smarter Portfolios

Why our approach is quite different

Most investors have come to expect an investment solution suggested by an adviser to offer a number of promises, which superficially appear to be both reasonable and achievable, such as:

  • Picking funds with market-beating track records;
  • Protecting wealth from market falls by moving into cash;
  • Picking the time to move into strongly performing asset classes when markets are rising;
  • Using ‘sophisticated’ products such as hedge funds or structured products.

Promises are cheap, but they are rarely fulfilled and entail great cost to investors.  Yet few investors ever stop to ask if this actually is the best way to invest their money, or perhaps why these approaches are so prevalent.  We have, and the answer has helped shape our investment proposition.