Addidi … for a richer life

Addidi Wealth


Addidi Wealth provides a financial planning service which focuses on enriching the lives of our clients. Financial planning Addidi style is not about selling products or investments.

It is about working with clients to develop:

  • a deep understanding of the key drivers in their lives
  • empathy with their circumstances
  • appreciation of how they want to utilise their wealth.

The Addidi Financial Plan is an easy to understand but sophisticated, bespoke plan which provides clarity and structure for clients.   

Whilst our Financial Plan is usually the starting point for our overall Addidi Wealth offering (the first step before we start to ‘manage’ your money), its also a standalone service, helping clients to bring structure to their finances.  

Every successful business has a business plan; as individuals if we are to maximise the opportunities that come our way and our ability to achieve our personal goals, then it helps to have an Addidi Financial Plan.