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Addidi Financial Planning Process

Understanding what wealth means to our clients and helping them to create a clear vision for the lifestyle they want, both now and in the future, is the starting point of their journey with us.  Our disciplined financial planning process helps them to gauge how much investment risk they need to take, given the assets that they have and the demands of future cashflow on them. 

The Addidi Financial Plan is a 7 step process incorporating:

  1. Clarifying and creating a deep understanding of our clients’ goals – short, medium and long term;
  2. Identifying the financial resources available but with an appreciation of their emotional and social resources too;
  3. Analysis of clients’ current financial arrangements and seeing if these are good, bad or indifferent and still fit for purpose;    
  4. Evaluating the current financial position (how close are clients to achieving their goals) and the resources that might be required in future;
  5. Constructing the Financial Plan as an effective “route map” for our clients idyllic life;
  6. Implementation of the Plan might require new products or restructuring of existing investments;
  7. Staying the course by on-going monitoring provided through our Client Review Service.       

The Addidi Financial Plan can incorporate as many “what if” scenarios as necessary to provide clarity to future plans and identify the most likely outcome. It aims to answer the following questions:

  • Will I be OK if I continue on my current course of action?
  • What is the likely outcome if I do this or that (the what ifs)?
  • What if the returns from my investments, pensions or business were lower or greater than expected?

The process uses lifetime cashflow and stochastic techniques (this uses mathematical models to represent the seemingly random behaviour of assets such as shares, property etc), to project forward and outline the range of possible outcomes over the next 5, 10 or even 30 years.