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The Financial Plan

The key objective of the Financial Plan is to ensure that our clients have the required financial resources (cash) available to them when they need it.

The Addidi Financial Plan incorporates:

The Addidi Wealth Index

This provides an analysis of clients’ wealth position now, in context of their age and circumstances; it also sets an easy to understand and implement target.    

Personal Cash Flow Management 

Maintaining and enhancing personal cash flows through debt and lifestyle management is often critical to the achievement of future goals. Also, no one wants to feel they are wasting their resources. We agree personal budgets and ensure that clients have control over their personal cashflow through a good understanding of any leakages!

Family Protection

We all have a need for some insurance as few of us have all the financial resources we might require in case of an emergency or if we suffer an accident or illness. We want a security blanket for ourselves and our loved ones. It is therefore essential any potential gaps in income are met through sound risk management and insurance Planning.

Investment Planning

Clients need to accumulate wealth to generate future capital and cash flows for their needs. For most of clients that means structuring a robust and dependable investment portfolio that has a high likelihood of delivering the returns that they require, yet allows them to sleep comfortably at night.

Retirement Planning

A key focus of our Financial Plan is to ensure that clients have financial independence so they can retire when they would like to and enjoy the lifestyle they desire. Diligent planning and smart portfolios help them achieve their goals.    

Tax & Estate Planning 

Attention to tax efficiency can result in reduction of tax liabilities and the freeing-up of cash flows for other purposes. Whilst estate planning can ensure that our hard earned assets are distributed to our loved ones in line with our wishes. 

On-going Management 

A key focus of our Financial Plan is understanding and servicing the core needs of our clients and their families. Our on-going service might incorporate investment management, financial concierge, financial education for children or just being there when needed.