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Survey shows: More woman millionaires under age 44 than men, yet less than 5% investing in small businesses

When Addidi was launched back in 2008, we collated a lot of statistics around wealth and women. Given the fact that Addidi was created to help women manage their money, the statistics were all encouraging and reinforced the march towards financial independence. However, there was one statistic which was startling and that was just how few women were investing in small business as angel investors (well below 5% compared with the fact there were more women millionaires under the age 44 than men!

Posted by Anna Sofat on 7 March 2014
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Private equity investment

Venture capital (also known as private equity) investing is all about taking risks with your money. On a scale of one to ten, it is a solid nine – far more risky than the Building Society account but not as bad as gambling your fortune on the National Lottery. Professional venture investors (business angels) rationalise the risks involved by talking about their search for the ‘Home Run’. They know that of ten investments, five or so will do ok, four will fail and one, if they’re lucky will be the next big thing since sliced bread - the home run.

Posted by Richard Tyler, Enterprise Editor of The Daily Telegraph on 23 May 2011
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