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Wealth Management Case Studies

We met M in 2006 when she was looking to invest some money she had received as part of her divorce settlement. We invested the funds in a diversified portfolio which included offshore tax wrappers as she was planning to live abroad in her retirement. Two years later, we invested a further lump sum when a clean break was agreed with her ex-husband – this was invested in an IHT (inheritance tax) efficient portfolio generating an income.

Since then we have met regularly and she has a diversified and sustainable portfolio including onshore and offshore tax wrappers, property and angel funding well as more mainstream investment. She has grown enormously as a savvy investor and no longer looks to her son to help her!  

We began looking after N when he was MD of a UK subsidiary of a large multi national business. He wanted to plan for his retirement in 10 years time. Over the years, we have helped him to grow his pension fund to well above the £1m target; help him set up pensions for his sons as well grow his personal portfolio.  

We are now advising his wife on her investments and undertaking financial planning for his adult sons. Inheritance and estate planning is the next big goal. 

We have just undertaken financial planning for his younger successor at work as he retired.