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Addidi Wealth Case Studies

Client "A"

Lifetime cashflow management, income focused investment management and financial concierge for a retired divorcee.

“A” met her Addidi wealth adviser following a referral from her accountant. Her previous adviser had invested a lump sum (mostly in with profit bonds) which was struggling to produce the income required and had declined in value. Her Addidi adviser restructured her investments to create a diversified portfolio generating a more tax efficient income.

Since then, we have assigned “A” a dedicated “Didi” (via our financial concierge service) so we could assist her with the day to day money management. This has been a real boost for “A” who lives on her own and her family is abroad. “A” is in regular contact with her Didi, using the assistant to help her manage her short term cashflow; renewing her general insurances; moving between utility companies as required and generally being there for her.

More recently, we have created a “fun fund” for “A” following the release of some equity from her home to provide more income! We continue to meet formally every six months to review her investments and ensure she continues to meet her income needs. “A” has been a member of Addidi Pioneers.

We are part of “A”’s family, providing her with someone she can call on at any time and her family with peace of mind.

Client "B"

Family wealth planning, business planning and investment management for small business owner.

“B” was widowed at the age of 47; her husband was the CEO of a multinational firm and she was stay at home mum managing a monthly budget of £20k! Her husband died suddenly with no will. It took years to sort out his estate. 

Since those early dark days, “B” has established a new life for herself. She has become a business woman, running a diverse business with her new partner.

Her Addidi wealth adviser met her within months of the death of her husband. Her bank adviser had sold her a commission based bond and was pressuring her to buy another (total commission of c£35k!). Working on a fee basis, her adviser helped her sort out the estate, invest the cash and investments she received into a diversified portfolio; structure her own will and provide cover for her inheritance tax liability.

Since then, we have been meeting “B” every 6 months to go through her portfolio and annual action plans for her business. Addidi has assisted “B” in using the profits from her portfolio to buy and renovate a property, sell the renovated property and buy another property and business. In the process, we have assisted “B” to update her will balancing the needs of her children and her new partner; agree and implement a business partnership agreement and a robust funding plan for the business.  

Addidi continues to work with her, her partner, her children and the business ensuring that her portfolio continues to deliver the required returns and the business remains focused and sustainable.  “B” has been a member of Addidi Angels.

Addidi is “B”’s trusted adviser, at the centre of her financial life.

Client "C"

Retirement planning, investment management and financial concierge for professional executive.

“C” met her Addidi financial planner following her divorce. She had a number of pensions and her priority was to secure an income for herself in retirement. The planner agreed a retirement strategy and consolidated her pensions into a SIPP (self invested personal pension). Initially an investment manager was appointed to manage the pension assets but within 3 years it became obvious that the investment manager was not adding value and the pension portfolio has been managed in-house. This has resulted in greater control over asset allocation and risk management.

As part of the financial concierge service, we assist “C” with her UK and US tax returns, liaising with and coordinating with her business and personal accountant. We ensure that “C” is not paying too much for their services, they have all the information they need and that tax returns are undertaken on time.     

Through regular financial planning and investment review meetings, Addidi continues to ensure that “C” remains on track for planned retirement and expenditure.

“C” is a member of Addidi Angels.

Client "D"

Financial planning incorporating expat status for young family.

“D” met her Addidi financial planner when she was 30 years old when she had a small sum of money she wanted to invest. This was invested in an offshore bond as “D” was leaving for a job in Australia. The relationship continued whilst she was abroad and on her return to the UK. Since then, D has married, had 2 children and moved to Switzerland.

Addidi has been advising her and her husband since 2006. We have constructed a financial plan for her, advised her on further investment of funds, set up child trust funds for the children, advised D and her husband on their pensions in the UK, Australia and Switzerland. We assist with their buy to let properties and tax returns here in the UK and Switzerland.

An annual review meeting is undertaken to review their financial arrangements and agree any changes to the financial plan, adding value where and when its needed.   

Client "E"

Financial and business advice for two business partners incorporating personal financial planning, business restructuring and succession planning.

“E” met his Addidi adviser when he was referred to Addidi. Since then, we have advised him, his wife and his business partner, both of whom he subsequently referred to Addidi.

We have been advising “E” on his pensions and property portfolio and lately, we have worked with his wife, managing her investments and ensuring that they both have a Will reflecting their children from previous relationships.      

Since 2008, we have worked with “E”’s junior business partner. She needed help with the day to day management of her finances being a busy young working mum. We have put a robust financial plan into place and family protection for her husband and her and our Financial Concierge service has been invaluable in bringing some order into her financial life. Addidi has mentored her as she has grown into her business role and been instrumental in the structuring of an exit strategy for “E” from the business and for her to take over the management role. Business consultancy which would have cost her £000s and which we delivered as part of our added value!

We continue to work with both partners personally and within the business.   

Client "F"

Small family office services.

Addidi has been wealth adviser to family “F” for many years now, advising them on their personal and family wealth. This incorporates personal portfolios for him and her and each of the 3 children as well as trust portfolios.

Over the years, tax planning has ensured efficient transfer of assets between the spouses, the trusts and the children growing both their investments and property assets.  We have planned for retirement for both Mum and Dad, purchase of 2nd home in France and undertaken estate planning and individual financial education for the children. More recently, we are undertaking financial planning for the children as they have left universities and joined the adult world!

Addidi sits at the center of the relationships with all their advisers – investment managers, tax accountants, lawyers etc. We coordinate and liaise with everyone to ensure the efficient management of the family wealth.

Client "G"

Pension planning for business owner.

“G” was a typical business owner who believed his business was his pension and did not understand or like pensions. Over the years, we have helped “G” set up an Executive pension which was subsequently transferred to a SIPP (self invested personal pension). Since then, his business has sold some land to his SIPP, the pension has built business premises on the land and leased the premises to his business.

In March, 2012 we maximum funded the SIPP and applied for fixed protection.