Addidi … for a richer life

About Us

Our Values

Addidi is a financial services boutique. Our purpose is to enrich our clients’ lives and help women to live more fulfilling lives.

We do this by focusing on:

  • Mutuality – it’s not about me or you, it’s about us;
  • Inclusiveness – a broad clientele enriches our relationships;
  • Inspiration – we are inspired to be the very best we can be; we hope we can inspire you to live a richer life;
  • Nurturing – nurturing is part of the Addidi DNA; we nurture because it feeds our soul.

Addidi means “we inspire” in Latin, a phrase that perfectly sums up our approach to wealth and its purpose in our lives. As a female managed and focused business, we are transforming the management of wealth into something meaningful, rewarding and inspiring! 

Addidi is a sustainable business with mutuality and inspiration at its heart; it is beautifully different. 

We believe that wealth is a great enabler and should be utilised:

  • as a tool for happiness and inspiration,
  • to broaden our horizons,
  • to live a richer life.

In the process, we hope to empower clients to:

  • be kind to themselves and compassionate to others,
  • fulfil their “pivotal” role in life,
  • live in the present, be mindful of history and  plan for the future.