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Having advice from someone who seemed to have my best interests at heart as opposed to someone who just wanted me to sign a document so they got some kind of commission - that was the difference between having a financial adviser and someone who only called himself a financial adviser, but actually was just a commission agent. Addidi didn’t blind me with jargon, my adviser made me feel at ease so I could say to her ‘I don’t understand what that means, can you explain that to me?’ I’m very content and happy knowing that I’ve got a business like Addidi looking after my best interests.

Jacquie Harris, business owner, Trenderway Farm.

Working with Addidi has really focused how I approach my finances.  They create clarity out of what can be a confusing array of choices and demands. Whether it’s pensions, investments, insurances or planning, Addidi’s approach focuses on priorities in both the short and the long term and has helped me plan my finances in line with what is really important.

I am also an extremely busy person and I want to be sure that I’m not overlooking anything important or missing an opportunity that arises. Addidi are always on top of the big issues, and are proactive in ensuring that I am informed, up to date and planning ahead of key decision points.  They are also tremendously responsive and supportive if I have a query or need information. 

They take a personal approach and I appreciate that as much as I rely on their expertise, insight and advice.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Jo Browning, Founder, Filshie Browning Associate

It didn’t take any persuasion to sign up for Addidi’s Wealth Management and Financial Concierge Service having been a client of Anna Sofat’s previously.  If you want to know that your hard-earned wealth is not only protected but growing put your trust and your money into Addidi.  They handle my whole portfolio and provide  thorough six-monthly, 1:1 updates on performance along with advice on any aspect of my finances.  The Concierge Service is what every busy woman needs who finds renewing insurances, comparing quotes, finding a mortgage, etc. a chore.  It is no exaggeration to say that I lose no sleep over my finances thanks to Addidi

Mary Spillane, Executive Coach, Business & Leadership Development at Mary Spillane Ltd

Having a relationship with Addidi stretching over many years, I am constantly impressed by how they combine offering astute financial advice with respecting the individual  goals of their clients. My adviser always demonstrates the greatest respect for whatever choices I make and her advice is always practical, responsive and never patronizing

Dorothy Leo, Director Executive Management, SKF Group.

You need to find the right person to look after your money. I’ve had lots of people before, who really haven’t bothered to do anything for me at all. It’s important to find someone like Addidi who I meet up with every six months. My adviser goes through what is going up and down with me. And although I don’t understand exactly what is happening, I have the confidence in my adviser that she knows what she is doing. Having someone like Addidi around has alleviated a lot of worries and if something was to go wrong in my life I feel that I could go to Addidi and ask how I could find the money to do whatever it was I needed to do; have a major operation or whatever it was.

Diana Davies, retired.