Addidi … for a richer life

About Us

What makes us different

Addidi is a unique service proposition.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all service, Addidi offers bespoke solutions tailored to its clients’ needs, lifestyle and desires.



Addidi is a boutique with the simple aim to be the best it can be and to be “beautifully different”.


In our view, independence is a state of mind not a regulatory statement! Addidi values its independence highly and will protect it vigorously.


Our advisers and staff have to be the best of the best! Advisers must hold both the Chartered Financial Planner and Certified Financial Planning qualifications.


Our well-educated and highly qualified staff focus on smart and intelligent solutions for our discerning clients.


Established in 2006, we have deep relations with our clients, many of whom we have known and worked with from the inception.


Addidi Wealth provides regulated financial advice and products. Addidi provides complementary, unregulated services. Both adhere to the same high standards of ethics and values.


Our clients inspire us to be the best we can be; we hope to inspire them by our culture of excellence and being “beautifully different”. 


We nurture because it feeds our soul!.

We strongly believe that Addidi is very different to the average IFA (independent financial adviser); financial planner or investment manager. Some of the key differences are;

  • Addidi puts the female client at the heart of its proposition – not just her money;
  • Addidi Wealth focuses on helping its clients to create, invest and enjoy their wealth, not just to invest it;
  • Addidi puts the emphasis on lifestyle wealth – not merely as a series of abstract numbers, but utilising wealth to generate happiness and inspiration;
  • Addidi provides a one stop service for all aspects of personal finance providing help, guidance and advice as required
  • Addidi provides a range of unique and unusual propositions including:

Addidi is “beautifully different”.