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Addidi Inspiration Awards

Addidi Inspiration Awards celebrate women in history known for wealth creation, for doing good with their wealth, and for leading happy and fulfilled lives. They are championed by equally inspiring modern day champions!

The Awards were launched in 2009 and so far we have celebrated:

  • Women Entrepreneurs (2009 and 2012) - celebrating those living in times when it wasn't common for women to run businesses and create wealth. We also celebrated their incredible modern day champions. 

  • Women social engineers and philanthropists (2010 and 2013) - celebrating women who made a lasting difference to the lives of people of their generation and some equally inspiring modern day social entrepreneurs.

  • Lives Enriched - In 2011, we honored women who were full of life, whom we remember with a smile; women who have simply enriched lives!

If you know of an inspirational woman, of time long gone or here today, then do please share your knowledge with us; if she is short listed as one of our Women in History (or her modern day champion), then you will be there to help her celebrate and perhaps win the Award!