Addidi … for a richer life

About Us

Focus on women

Addidi was specifically created with women at its heart. Why? Because:

  1. an unprecedented number of women have now achieved success and wealth, yet for many this has not translated into happier or more balanced lives,


    many women are put off by the financial services industry with its focus on hard sale, opaque products and the bonus culture. 

Addidi believes that it is vitally important that as women create success and wealth for themselves they are also happy and balanced so that they can fulfil their pivotal nurturing role at the heart of their family and community.

As a female founded and managed business, Addidi is passionate about doing business in a caring, open, mutual and client centric environment and not follow the “business as usual” route.  

Addidi cares about women and their role at the heart of society as executives, entrepreneurs, mothers and daughters. The business wants to help women in their life journey by doing what it does best so that women can focus on the things they love doing.