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About Us

How we do business

Addidi is in the relationship business; relationships with clients, staff and money itself!

Addidi’s core principles are: 

  1. Integrity in how we do business – our founders are passionate about the values and principles which guide the business;

  2. Valuing relationships above money;

  3. To be the best it can be and strive for excellence in everything it does. 

By doing business in a way which is aligned with its values, Addidi looks to set new standards of behaviour in business.

Addidi’s business principles (how we do business) are:

1. The equitable principle

Addidi believes in balance between the interests of all its stakeholders i.e. shareholders, staff and clients. As a minimum, it operates to ensure that :

  • No one is benefiting excessively at the expense of another;
  • It pays a living wage;
  • It is open, transparent and fair in its dealings.

2. The people principle

Without its clients and staff, Addidi has no business. The business values its relations by ensuring that it invests in:

  • A family-friendly, team orientated workplace;
  • Training and development;
  • An open and fair complaints procedure.

Addidi is not interested in emulating the rest of the financial services world; as a female managed and focused business, it is forging its own path. 

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