Anna’s Christmas Message – looking back & striving forward

The debate of whether to shut over Christmas or stay open is one that may raise its head each year for business. In today’s 24/7 society, the traditional Christmas shut down is starting to make way for businesses opening over the festive period.

However, for us, the decision remains a simple one. We set high expectations both for ourselves and our team – so come the end of December, we’re firm believers that everyone deserves a well-deserved break.

The festive season in particular is a time when families and friends come together – primarily to enjoy a relaxing time and each other’s company. Taking this time and being able to relax without the need to think about work is absolutely priceless – and something we are keen to encourage our employees and all of those around us to do.

As such, this year will be no different – our office will close at 12 noon on Tuesday 24th December, reopening at 9 am on Thursday 2nd January 2020.

Another tradition that we’ve followed again this year is our annual Christmas charity donation. This festive season, Addidi has donated £2877 to Crisis – a charity we always support at this time of year. Current statistics are that there are 160,000 homeless households in Britain. With winter time being when these individuals and families are the worst affected, our donation to Crisis at this time of year is one we are keen to uphold.

Over the past 10 years, since Addidi’s very first year in business, giving back through charitable donations has been very important for both myself and Janardan.
In addition to our Christmas donation, we usually set aside a percentage of our annual turnover at the end of our financial year, and to date, we have donated a total of over £212,000 to charitable causes.

This year, we have been busier than ever before – from launching our #Areyouin movement to change the culture of the wealth industry, through to our first ever conference in September, it really has been a year of putting our heads above the parapet. We’ve been overwhelmed with the response so far – but starting something is only the first step; the steps taken to continue with this and take it forward, creating real and lasting change is the true test and one we’re willing and ready to take on.

This article can’t be concluded without making reference our most recent piece of news – Addidi joining forces with the Progeny Group. The Addidi journey so far has been exceptional, and I couldn’t have reached this point without the amazing support of the Addidi team, our wonderful clients and of course, my loving and supportive family.

Those who know me will be aware that my passion and desire to positively impact the wealth management industry has no bounds. With the resources of the Progeny Group, along with the Addidi family at large, I look forward to 2020 and the continuation of our movement with a great sense of excitement and optimism.