Ten years of Addidi – where next?

In October, we celebrated 10 years of Addidi, along with the launch of our ‘Voice of Women’s Wealth’ campaign, at a special event held in The Ladies Smoking Room at St Pancras Hotel, London. The evening was a glorious celebration of everything and everyone that has led us to the point we’re at today. We were lucky enough to have many friends and supporters of Addidi in attendance, as well as the people that are the driving force behind all that we strive to do and achieve – our clients. A couple of our clients were even kind enough to participate in the event, with Sarah Matthew and Isobelle Gladstone speaking about what Choice and True Wealth means for women alongside our other speakers, David Ferguson, Rohit Chugg and Emma Sinclair, all hosted by journalist and broadcaster Harriet Minter.

To coincide with our ten year celebrations, those of you with a sharp eye might also have noticed some subtle changes at Addidi recently. We’ve got a new, slicker logo and a lovely new website that’s rich with content and inspiring imagery.

Reaching the ten year milestone has given me plenty of opportunity to reflect on where we have come from, where we are now and what the future holds.
I set up Addidi because I was finding that although women were beginning to earn their wealth in their own right, they weren’t any happier. The financial services industry did little to cater for ambitious high flyers or female entrepreneurs, and I wanted to help create balance and perspective for women as we started to take our rightful place at the top table. Creating wealth is one thing, but being able to invest in yourself and those around you to enjoy the fruits of your labour is another.

I have witnessed many changes in women’s wealth over the past decade – women are more confident and demanding in terms of what they want their money to do for them and they are vocalising this much more.

Unfortunately, the industry as a whole has largely stayed the same – although changing slowly around the edges, it is still largely male dominated and firms are only now just waking up to the fact that women are going to be a big part of the future.
So where next? At Addidi, we’ve been at the centre of some of the issues women have faced over the last decade – something that ideally places us as ‘The Voice of Women’s Wealth’. We’re proud of the journey we’ve been on and the progress we have witnessed, but we’re firm believers that there’s more to be done. So although we’ve enjoyed taking the time to pause, reflect and celebrate, we won’t be standing still for long!

If I could give my younger self one piece of advice, it would be to take risk more willingly. If things go well, you’ll be forever thankful, and if they don’t, it’s simply a case of picking yourself up and trying again. So with this in mind, Addidi will be looking to be bolder in our pursuit of providing a beautifully different future for women and their wealth.

Anna Sofat Announced as Finalist at London’s Top Business Women Announcement at The Ritz

Over 120 distinguished guests attended the Finalist Announcement of the London 2018 Venus Awards at The Ritz on Tuesday 9th October.

Over 120 business professionals, journalists and celebrities gathered at The Ritz to celebrate the Finalist Announcement for the prestigious Venus Awards on the 9th October 2018.
The best businesswomen in London celebrated getting to the finalist stage of the Venus Awards with canapés and champagne in a star-studded, glitzy ceremony at the iconic Ritz.

65 London Venus Awards finalists were revealed at the much-anticipated event. Launched in May, applicants and nominees have been whittled down through a combination of panel judges and public voting. Now, the 65 finalists will be judged by a panel of prestigious businesses sponsoring the awards before the finals at the Waldorf Hotel in December.

The Venus Awards, dubbed by Channel 4 as “The Working Women’s Oscars”, celebrate the vital contribution that women in business make to the local, regional, and national economy, and are unique in that anyone can nominate a friend, client or family member.

Founder of the Venus Awards, Tara Howard, said: “In our ninth year, we are thrilled the number of applications continues to grow. We received a record-breaking 1,200 nominations and applications for the 15 award categories, which highlights the influence women in business are making to their local economies.”

Katharine Plunkett CEO of the Business of Brand (BoB) School, a key sponsor of the London Venus Awards said: “The finalists are clearly leading the way in their industries and we have no doubt they will be making a difference in the world and it is a joy to be a part of their journey.”

The London 2018 Venus Awards will culminate in a glamorous gala dinner and awards ceremony on 3rd December 2018 at The Waldorf Hilton, London.

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For more information contact Laura Booth laura@sunnybirdpr.com
01202 293095

About The Venus Awards
The Venus Awards were founded in Dorset in 2009 by Tara Howard. Frustrated by the lack of recognition for working women, Tara established the awards to recognise and celebrate the achievements of working women. The event has since expanded to eight regions around the UK, with the 35th ceremony to be held at the inaugural London Awards at the Waldorf in December 2018.

About Tara Howard
Tara Howard is an entrepreneur and founder of the Venus Awards. Her experience in business has taken her around the world. She first moved to corporate London at the age of 18 and bought her first property at 22. She later returned to take over her family’s hotel business, transforming an historic hotel to a premier wedding destination and increasing the number of weddings hosted per year from just three to over 100. Tara also managed to find the time to follow in her mother’s footsteps and qualify as a commercial pilot and flight instructor, and help produce a large scale opera in Toronto and New York.
A mother of four, Tara knows first-hand the many challenges facing women in their careers as well as the joys and opportunities of being a working mother. Vivaciously inspiring, Tara is passionate about helping empower more women in business to develop their self-confidence, to get the recognition they deserve, and to obtain all the success they need, no matter what their line of work.

The Venus Awards London 2018 Finalists are:

Influential Woman of the Year (Sponsored by Time and Leisure)
Chelsey Baker National Mentoring Day

Marisa Peer Rapid Transformation Therapy

Diahanne Rhiney Strength With In Me Foundation

Inspirational Woman of the Year

Alice Morrison Alice Morrison

Mariela Shaker UNHCR

Gina Martin Parliament

Seema Flower Blind Ambition

Jenni Dunman Daisy First Aid Ltd

Anna Daniels Daniels Group

Company of the Year (Sponsored by SGFE)
Jane Julia Atherton Vassie Love Success Plc

Kirsten Hazell London Grace Ltd

Sarah Hazlehurst MKTG

Christine Owen Plimsoll Productions

Employer of the Year (Sponsored by Jaluch)
Antoinette Daniel Just Helpers

Kirsten Hazell London Grace Ltd

Chantelle Nicholson Tredwells & Marcus Wareing Restaurants

Henry Stewart Happy

Small Business of the Year (Sponsored by BoB School)
Susan Kabani Ugenie

Katie Young Gerald Bespoke Textiles

Natalie Meyer Tokyoesque

Director of the Year
Cathy Busani Happy Ltd

Liz Kalu Leverage Homes
Lucy Kane Time and Leisure Magazine

Lynsey-Kay Porter Ultimate Holdings

Lauren Williams London Grace

Professional Excellence

Amy Hambleton RedLaw

Alison Kriel Above & Beyond

Emma Taylor RSSB

Jane Wheeler Hine Legal

Gunita Bhasin Showcased and Atomico

HR Professional (Sponsored by Benefex)
Abigail Lerman Stella McCartney

Kelly Jackson World First

Belinda Henriksen Expedia Inc

PR Excellence (Sponsored by Sunny Bird PR)
Rebecca Musgrave Propercorn

Antonia Mason Oppo

Lauren Williams London Grace

Social Media Influencer (Public Vote)
Abigail Barnes Success by Design Training

Jennifer Corcoran My Super Connector

Rae Radford What’s New UK

Mariela Dabbah Red Shoe Movement

Marketing Excellence (Sponsored by Profiles Creative)
Becky Brock John Lewis

Gemma Mason Superdrug

Tamara Gillan Cherry London

Outstanding CEO
Jacqueline Gold Ann Summers

Cally Palmer Royal Marsden Hospital

Clare Scott The Ocean Partnership Ltd

Maryanne Matthews EY Foundation

Entrepreneur of the Year
Anna Sofat Addidi Wealth Ltd

Kirsty Henderson Five Rings Training, and Personal Safety London

Roni Savage Jomas Associates Limited

Sara Trechman Well&Truly

Rosie Vernon Aurora Baby

Inspirational Woman in Tech (Sponsored by Empact Ventures)
Tarryn Gorre Kafoodle Limited

Tiia Sammallahti WhatCharity

Sophie Thompson VirtualSpeech

Outstanding Team Member
Farzana Naz Saracens Solicitors

Chrisoula Sirigou The Golden Muse

Annabelle Risdon Give as you Live

Niri Arambepola WSP

Jessica Fairfax Kaizen

Journalist of the Year
Ella Dove Hearst Magazines UK

Laura Hampson London Evening Standard

Emmie Harrison TI Media Limited

Emma Sheppard Freelance

Stephanie Clarkson 38a The Shop

Photograph: All Finalists at The Ritz London Venus Awards 2018 Finalist Announcement. Photograph courtesy of Christian Lawson.

To find out more about the Venus Awards or to arrange an interview please contact Tara Howard on 01202 559039 or email at Distributed on behalf of Venus Awards – www.venusawards.co.uk

Politics and portfolios

Brexit and your portfolio
Whichever way one voted, it is hard not to be dismayed by the shambles that is Brexit, concocted by all sides. In the event that any deal agreed gets voted down in Parliament, or there is no deal, there is a material chance that the government could fall. One or both of these events would come with great uncertainty. We set out three key investment risks relating to Brexit and how sensible portfolio structures can mitigate them.
Risk 1: Greater volatility in the UK and possibly other equity markets
In the event of a poorly received deal or no deal, it is certainly possible that the UK equity market could suffer a market fall as it tries to come to terms with what this means for the UK economy and the impact on the wider global economy. A collapse of the Conservative government and a Labour victory would add further uncertainty.
Risk 2: A fall in Sterling against other currencies
In 2016, after the referendum, Sterling fell against the major currencies including the US dollar and the Euro. There is certainly a risk that Sterling could fall further in the event of a poor/no deal.
Risk 3: A rise in UK bond yields (and thus a fall in bond prices)
The economic impact of a poor/no deal and/or a high-spending socialist government could put pressure on the cost of borrowing, with investors in bonds issued by the UK Government (and UK corporations) demanding higher yields on these bonds in compensation for the greater perceived risks. Bond yield rises mean bond price falls, which will take time to recoup through the higher yields.
Mitigant 1: Global diversification of equity exposure
Although it is the World’s sixth largest economy (depending on how you measure it), the UK produces only 3% to 4% of global GDP, and its equity market is around 6% of global market capitalisation. Well-structured portfolios hold diversified exposure to many markets and companies. Changing your mix between bonds and equities would be ill-advised. Timing when to get in and out of markets is notoriously difficult. Provided you do not need the money today, you should hold your nerve and stick with your strategy.
Mitigant 2: Owning non-Sterling currencies in the growth assets
In the event that Sterling is hit hard, it is worth remembering that the overseas equities that you own come with the currency exposure linked to those assets. Remember too that a fall in Sterling has a positive effect on non-UK assets that are unhedged. The bond element of your portfolio should generally be hedged to avoid mixing the higher volatility of currency movements with the lower volatility of shorter-dated bonds.
Mitigant 3: Owning short-dated, high quality and globally diversified bonds
Any bonds you own should be predominantly high quality to act as a strong defensive position against falls in equity markets. Avoiding over-exposure to lower quality (e.g. high yield, sub-investment grade) bonds makes sense as they tend to act more like equities at times of economic and equity market crisis.

Some thoughts to leave you with
Even if you cannot avoid watching, hearing or reading the news, it is important to keep things in perspective. The UK is a strong economy with a strong democracy. It will survive Brexit, whatever the short-term consequences that we will have to bear, and so will your portfolio. Keeping faith with both global capitalism and the structure of your portfolio and holding your nerve, accompanied by periodic rebalancing is key. Lean on your adviser if you need support.
‘This too shall pass’ as the investment legend Jack Bogle likes to say.

Risk warnings
This article is distributed for educational purposes and should not be considered investment advice or an offer of any security for sale. This article contains the opinions of the author but not necessarily the Firm and does not represent a recommendation of any particular security, strategy or investment product. Information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable but is not guaranteed.
Past performance is not indicative of future results and no representation is made that the stated results will be replicated.
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