Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does Addidi focus on women?

A:The unprecedented rise in women’s wealth over the last decade has not always translated into happier or more balanced lives for many women. The management of wealth becomes yet another task to juggle, another burden to carry. Addidi recognizes that women have different needs and that they expect more from their wealth.


Addidi wants women to use their wealth as a tool for happiness, inspiration and positive change in their own lives. Women are at the heart of society and of their families and it’s vitally important that we are happy and healthy and can make our best contribution.


Anna’s vision for Addidi is to help women grow their wealth, build their businesses, nurture their families and lead richer lives. She has led the way in financial services for women over the last thirty years and is a well-known expert in this field.

Q: What does Addidi mean?

A:The word Addidi means “to add” in Latin but can also mean “we inspire”.

As a business, we are inspired to be the voice of women’s wealth, enriching our clients’ lives and to helping women live more fulfilling lives. In the process, we transform the management and use of wealth into something pleasurable, rewarding and yes, inspiring!

Q: Does Addidi work with men as well?

A:Yes. We believe in inclusivity, diversity and mutuality. We like to work with clients who share our values regardless of their gender, ethnicity or age.

Q: Do I need financial advice?

A:Wherever you are in your wealth journey, we construct a plan that looks at where you are today, what your vision is for your lifetime and the legacy you want to leave. Clients typically come to us when they have:

  • Come into cash – through for example an inheritance, a redundancy payment, the sale of a property or a business.
  • Have a life changing moment – such as a career change, setting up a business, the passing of a loved one.
  • Want a strategic vision- a plan to achieve goals and dreams.

Q: How much do you charge?

A:It depends on what level of service you decide on. We are transparent about what and our fees and costs are and how they are charged. We discuss this with you so that there are no surprises. We always aim have an appropriate and fair charging structure in place for every client.  We are not the most expensive or the cheapest adviser. Our clients tell us that we are great value for money, and we think that’s what it’s all about.

Q: Do I need a pension or are there other options for funding my retirement?

A:There are always options, depending on what you want to achieve and what is realistic financially.  We’ll start by understanding your vision for retirement and work towards that.

Q: Will Brexit affect my investments?

A:Brexit and speculation about its economic impact certainly affects the markets. Stocks and shares and other investments will rise and fall in value until there is some certainty about the deal and the timing.

Q: What services does Addidi offer?

A:We help our clients create a clear, structured plan so that they can focus on doing the things they enjoy. Your plan can incorporate:

  • Just your investments and pensions (Investment plan),
  • All your wealth and assets (Wealth plan),
  • Or go beyond you to protect your family’s wealth legacy (Legacy plan).

Q: What hours do you work?

A:Normal office hours are 9 to 5.30, although we try to be flexible, if required.

Q: I already have a financial adviser, can I join Addidi too?

A:Yes, you can subscribe to our newsletter and find out about events where you can meet Anna.

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