‘Harnessing the Power of the Purse’ research – what women want from their financial adviser

We were approached by the Centre of Innovation (http://www.talentinnovation.org/) a few months ago who were conducting some fascinating research into what women wanted from their financial advisers – titled ‘Harnessing the Power of the Purse’ and presented in parliament in May.

As a female-focused financial advisory business, they were interested in our extensive experience of advising women on wealth. And of course being the collaborative, open business we are – we were happy to help. Before the launch, we were asked if we would connect the researcher with a couple of our clients, as the research seemed to be highlighting that the Addidi way of doing business met many of the key needs of the female consumer as identified by the research. We were more than happy to do so.

It was truly heart-warming to have one of our clients quoted and featured at the research launch event at the Houses of Parliament on 22ndMay. So what are the key findings of this report, and what is it that Addidi doing that is so cutting-edge?

Key UK findings:

  • Much female wealth is unmanaged; 56% of those surveyed did not have a financial adviser.
  • Many women do not feel their adviser either understands them or is interested in them; 73% did not feel their adviser understands them, whilst 87% felt their adviser was not interested in them.


Women define wealth differently to men. Whilst investment performance is also important for women, 77% of women across the globe say “making a positive impact on society” is important to them too.

So what are women looking for from their advisers, and what is Addidi providing along those lines? They want advisers who:

  1. understand them
  2. create a safe space for them
  3. educate them
  4. help them align their investment and life goals


Addidi is quoted as creating the following for women: “a room of their own to manage their wealth and feed their soul”.

Whilst we may talk numbers (after all we wouldn’t be great financial advisers if we didn’t!), our position will always be centred round mutuality, inclusiveness, inspiration, and a nurturing disposition. We add value where it matters, and in the process feed our own soul too.

Check out the findings for yourself at: http://www.talentinnovation.org/assets/HarnessingThePowerOfThePurse_Infographic-CTI.pdf

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