Our clients range from young professionals and serial entrepreneurs, to business owners, leaders and disruptive retirees. Clients often come to us when they have come into money, have a life changing moment or want a strategic vision. Sometimes they simply want a clear, jargon-free voice to help make sense of financial complexities.

Wherever you are in your wealth journey, we construct a plan that looks at where you are today, what your vision is for your lifetime and the legacy you want to leave. Your plan can incorporate just your investments and pensions (Investment plan), all your wealth and assets (Wealth plan) or go beyond you to protect your family’s wealth legacy (Legacy plan).

Which plan you start with depends on your immediate need and objectives. Once you have a plan, we then work with you and your advisers to implement it, investing in stocks and shares, property, businesses or other assets, or working with you to generate more wealth.

Our clients continue to enjoy their lives, safe in the knowledge that Addidi is managing and regularly reviewing their wealth against plan.



Investment Plan

If your financial affairs are not particularly complex and you are looking to accumulate sufficient assets to be financially secure, then our Investment plan is for you.

Helping you navigate the intricacies of stock market investments, our Investment plan will help you keep track of what you have today, invest for tomorrow and enjoy the journey.


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Wealth Plan

Our Wealth plan is perfect for clients with a diverse spread of assets ranging from stocks and shares, property, business interests, and other assets such as wine, fine art and gold.

Unlike the average wealth manager, we understand that our entrepreneurial clients often prefer to invest in property and business rather than stocks, shares, bonds and trusts. Whichever way you want to grow your portfolio, our Wealth plan takes your approach to life into account.

We build your Wealth plan with a clear vision and a route map for a richer life, seizing opportunities as they arise and creating time and space for you.


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Legacy Plan

For wealthy clients, the combination of family and wealth can result in some of the most stressful interpersonal situations many of us will ever face.

Your Legacy plan will add enormous value by ensuring that there is mutual understanding underpinned by signed agreements to minimise any potential for conflict. From inheritance, succession of businesses, children, divorce, trusts, and family planning, your Legacy plan will help you to create the right structure that protects and guides your loved ones beyond your lifetime.


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