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We have the pleasure of knowing some brilliant entrepreneurs and industry leaders thanks to our work in the wealth sector.

Join us for our Addidi Journeys series where some of our inspiring associates sit down to share their stories of life, wealth, business and family.


Jacquie Harris and

Yaron Peled

"Having advice from someone who seemed to have my best interests at heart as opposed to someone who just wanted me to sign a document so they got some kind of commission - that was the difference between having a financial adviser and someone who only called himself a financial adviser, but was actually just a sales agent. Addidi didn’t blind me with jargon, my adviser made me feel at ease: I could say to her ‘I don’t understand what that means, can you explain it to me?’ I’m content and very happy knowing that I’ve got a business like Addidi looking after my best interests."


Marilyn Reid

"The very first thing to capture my attention with Addidi was an unabashed focus on women and their needs for financial planning services.  As I got to know Addidi, I was then drawn to their concept of the need for a balance in their activities between, yes, financial planning and investment, but also their entrepreneurial support, coupled with a strong commitment to giving back via charitable/community activities.  Addidi speaks in a voice that puts the focus on ‘how’ things are done, not just getting to the endpoint, and takes a measured approach to achieving that.   Anna and her team show a passion to driving the female presence in the financial management world, and driving for success. My particular area of interest with Addidi has been in assisting young female entrepreneurs with their business proposals.  It is not easy to grow an idea into a running and vibrant business, and sources of investment for the women with those ideas can be particularly tough to crack in a world biased to men.  Through Addidi, I have truly enjoyed being part of a community of fabulous businesswomen, some with great new ideas and, others with the funds to back them.  It is a rewarding dialogue, and one that inspires me to keep doing more."


Sabila Din

"I need someone with the ability to think broadly and globally and come up with solutions rather than me ringing and asking if I should be thinking about this, or looking at that. So that is quite important, someone who can give me valuable insights."