About us

As the voice of women’s wealth, it has never been business as usual for Addidi and its founder Anna Sofat.


Anna set up Addidi in partnership with her husband Janardan in 2008. She didn’t much like the hard sell, opaque products, all-about-the-bottom line world of the financial services industry, so she set out to redefine the culture of wealth by creating a sustainable business with women at its heart.


Her vision was to help women grow their wealth, build their businesses, nurture their families and lead richer lives. The business and Anna have won numerous awards for their forward-thinking approach and excellent service.


Addidi continues to nurture its independence and work for a more equal, balanced and sustainable future in collaboration with its clients.


Addidi is beautifully different.



I am a Chartered Financial Planner and I am passionate about combining my technical knowledge and experience to create bespoke plans for clients.

Interesting fact – I have a Masters in chemistry but don’t ask me to cook anything.


I am a very helpful individual, scheduling client meetings and greeting them with a smile and the offer of a drink, along with all the day-to-day admin my role requires. I am often found giving a friendly ear to the other staff.

Interesting fact – I enjoy playing darts in a local league and baking cakes for the team.


I was born in Mauritius, am fluent in 3 languages and I have an MBA and a Masters in accounting and finance. I make sure things happen at Addidi on the ground, ensuring New Business is transacted efficiently.

Interesting fact – I recently got married and family life is very important to me.


As Client Care Manager, I enjoy getting to know clients and working closely with our financial planners to deliver an excellent experience. I am responsible for onboarding all new clients

Interesting fact – I recently ran a half marathon for charity. I am also studying hard to follow in the footsteps of my financial advisor father, and my brother is following me!


I work in the background where I am responsible for making sure all your financial data is up to date and maintained for our ongoing review service. I have a keen eye for detail and am progressing with further qualifications.

Interesting fact – I sing tenor with one of London’s leading symphony choirs and I have performed in London, NYC, Paris, Brussels.


A numbers man by trade, but now love helping grow our people and the business. I am usually found in the office supporting the team and talking to businesses looking for funding

Interesting fact – I am responsible for most of the foodie conversations in the office and opening the fizz on the odd Friday afternoon


Addidi’s first non-financial member of staff! I look after all things marketing, PR and love designing

Interesting fact – I am part of the 0.4% of the female population that is colour blind.


I’m founder of Addidi and more importantly; a Mum of 2. I love setting high standards, pushing boundaries and making a difference.

Interesting fact: I dabbled in politics but hated the back stabbing!


I work for the administration department and am responsible for our ongoing reviews and getting clients’ information updated. In addition to my full time job I am also pursuing my MBA in finance

Interesting fact – I sing soprano for my band; Dioxys, I represented my national team in athletics and played for the state soccer team in 2010.


I am a Certified Financial Planner and love working with numbers. I am responsible for ensuring the ongoing reviews are completed efficiently and reducing the workload for the London office.

Interesting fact – I am a trained dancer and have performed over a 100 shows in India Bharat Natyam (Indian classical dance), Bollywood, Salsa, with a bit of Jive and Hip hop too.


I was born in Portugal, am bilingual and a mother of 2 girls. As an administrator I deal with data entry and any clerical tasks according to the needs of our business

Interesting fact – At the age of 15, I was recognised as one of the best top 2 athletes at long distance running in my home country


Using my experience as an adviser and technician, I currently support the team with technical issues, research and report writing.  I come with a genuine passion to ensure the highest quality of advice is provided.

Interesting Fact – I was one of the first few thousand Chartered Financial Planners in  we are now over twenty three thousand strong.