Ten years of Addidi – where next?

In October, we celebrated 10 years of Addidi, along with the launch of our ‘Voice of Women’s Wealth’ campaign, at a special event held in The Ladies Smoking Room at St Pancras Hotel, London. The evening was a glorious celebration of everything and everyone that has led us to the point we’re at today. We were lucky enough to have many friends and supporters of Addidi in attendance, as well as the people that are the driving force behind all that we strive to do and achieve – our clients. A couple of our clients were even kind enough to participate in the event, with Sarah Matthew and Isobelle Gladstone speaking about what Choice and True Wealth means for women alongside our other speakers, David Ferguson, Rohit Chugg and Emma Sinclair, all hosted by journalist and broadcaster Harriet Minter.

To coincide with our ten year celebrations, those of you with a sharp eye might also have noticed some subtle changes at Addidi recently. We’ve got a new, slicker logo and a lovely new website that’s rich with content and inspiring imagery.

Reaching the ten year milestone has given me plenty of opportunity to reflect on where we have come from, where we are now and what the future holds.
I set up Addidi because I was finding that although women were beginning to earn their wealth in their own right, they weren’t any happier. The financial services industry did little to cater for ambitious high flyers or female entrepreneurs, and I wanted to help create balance and perspective for women as we started to take our rightful place at the top table. Creating wealth is one thing, but being able to invest in yourself and those around you to enjoy the fruits of your labour is another.

I have witnessed many changes in women’s wealth over the past decade – women are more confident and demanding in terms of what they want their money to do for them and they are vocalising this much more.

Unfortunately, the industry as a whole has largely stayed the same – although changing slowly around the edges, it is still largely male dominated and firms are only now just waking up to the fact that women are going to be a big part of the future.
So where next? At Addidi, we’ve been at the centre of some of the issues women have faced over the last decade – something that ideally places us as ‘The Voice of Women’s Wealth’. We’re proud of the journey we’ve been on and the progress we have witnessed, but we’re firm believers that there’s more to be done. So although we’ve enjoyed taking the time to pause, reflect and celebrate, we won’t be standing still for long!

If I could give my younger self one piece of advice, it would be to take risk more willingly. If things go well, you’ll be forever thankful, and if they don’t, it’s simply a case of picking yourself up and trying again. So with this in mind, Addidi will be looking to be bolder in our pursuit of providing a beautifully different future for women and their wealth.